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Licensed by the State of New Jersey.

Supertots is located in the historic Greenville section of Jersey City at both 158 and 167 Sterling Avenue, is rapidly growing into one of the city’s most outstanding institutions serving seventy-seven youngsters and working families.
Supertots are licensed by the State of New Jersey under the Division of Youth and Family Services that oversees the operations of both address locations with periodic quality assurance inspections.

Supertots is an expanding institution whose youthful registrants are demonstrating impressive advances in learning development such as vocabulary building, math calculations, and reading through storytelling.

Supertots Educational Center is open for service from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We offer extended daycare from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30p.m. for a separate fee.

Our Curriculum

The spirit of our center is its enriching curriculum. It is a theme-based integrated, curriculum implemented in wide range of ways appropriate for the children's age and their specific needs. Our curriculum is based on the High Scope model.

Classroom Arrangement

The arrangement of the learning environment affects almost everything the children do. It affects children's choices, their planning, their use of materials, and their relationship with their peers and staff. At supertots Educational Center we believe that children learn best in a stimulating but ordered environment in which they can make choices and act upon them. Therefore, our classrooms are divided in well-defined working areas with appropriate and locally organized materials the children can use independently.

Classroom work areas

  • Table Toys Center - Children develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.
    Art Center - where the children nurture creative perception and self-expression.

  • Listening Center - children start to explore the world of technology by using simple programs that are appropriate for their age.

  • Dramatic Play/Dress-up Center - children represent real people using a variety of costumes.

  • Family/Housekeeping Center - children develop a positive self-image as they understand and explore feelings of self and others.

  • Science Center - children develop natural sense of wonder and curiosity; they employ their five senses to develop an understanding of scientific principles through multi-sensory experiences and the teacher's use of open-ended questions.

  • Block Center - children develop a sense of space, shape and size while building with wooden and cardboard blocks in various shapes and sizes.

  • Library/ Block Center - children develop love for books and reading; they learn that books are for enjoyment; they learn about the author and the illustrator and start reading independently.

  • Sand Center - children increase fine motor skills; develop creativity and sense for measurement.

  • Music Center - children develop appreciation for music and visual self-expression.