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Welcome to the virtual world of Supertots Educational Center, Inc.

imageSupertots Educational Center, Inc. opened its door to families in Jersey City on September 18, 2002, then in September 2010 Supertots II Educational Center, Inc was born.  Supertots Educational Center, Inc provides Pre-School, Infants and Toddlers and After School services, while Supertots II Educational Center, Inc provides Pre-K, services for local working families with children.  The Pre-K program otherwise known as Abbott is free for children who turn 4 years by October 1of the current school year. Our Day Care and After School tutorial components are also complemented by supervised recreational activities. SEC program offerings are designed to be affordable for low to moderate-income families residing within our tri-county service area.

Supertots’ performance history has been characterized by trust, quality, and qualified professional staffing devoted to a safe, caring, clean and stimulating environment. This essential criterion defines Supertots’ operational priorities.

Indeed the principal focus of Supertots is to enable each child to have “quality beginnings” at the outset of life that will help to nurture personal growth and development as well as chart their individual dreams. We, therefore, believe that the weeks and months each child spends at Supertots represents meaningful cycles of time essential to the building of good character, cognitive development, emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills and social values.

Sisters in Business

Prisca, right and her sister, Christiana Amuchienwa, owners of Supertots Education Center and Rising Tide entrepreneurs speak at the Proclamation and Kick off Reception at City Hall For the Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • 2002 New Jersey Small Business Daycare Services Success Award
  • 2004 New Jersey Civil Service Leader Award
  • 2005 Supertots Staff Appreciation/Recognition Award
  • 2007 Nigeria American Association of Gospel Artists Award
  • 2008 Jersey City’s Global Entrepreneurship Award and Mayoral Proclamation

The Supertots Educational Center is licensed by the State of New Jersey under the Division of Youth and Family Services, which oversees the operations of both locations with periodic quality assurance inspections. 
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The Program Support
Growing with Jersey City.

imageSupertots is located in the historic Greenville section of Jersey City at both 158 and 167 Sterling Avenue, is rapidly growing into one of the city’s most outstanding institutions serving seventy-seven youngsters and working families.
Supertots are licensed by the State of New Jersey under the Division of Youth and Family Services that oversees the operations of both address locations with periodic quality assurance inspections.

Supertots is an expanding institution whose youthful registrants are demonstrating impressive advances in learning development such as vocabulary building, math calculations, and reading through storytelling.

Additional support to achieve the above objectives is also made possible through formal arrangements with Scoring Points for Children, Inc.’s Early Childhood Education Program through their Career Placement office located in Jersey City.  Professional training assistance is also provided by New Jersey’s Work First Program and the dispatching of parents who are groomed as certified Child Development Associates (CDA) to assist with after-school tutoring and toddler care.  Community service assignments accepted by students attending local high schools have similarly aided and reinforced our efforts.  Both Supertots Centers are registered as pre-approved facilities where academically successful high school students and Work First CDA certified and trained parents gladly visit to five us their time and assistance. 


 We are proud of our achievements and pleased to have received so many expressions of public praise over the years. Supertots is genuinely committed to the goal of helping families provide the best for their children through educational preparation that only quality Child Care Centers can uniquely give.

Our staff and students sincerely hope that by examining the enclosed information your grant awarding committee may judge the “Learning to Win” after-school summer program as an opportunity to make a different, yet, meaningful investment in our children’s future. 

Supertots are genuinely committed to the goal of helping families provide the best for their children through educational preparation that quality daycare centers can uniquely provide.  We are proud of our past achievements and pleased to have received so many expressions of public praise over the years.  The Supertots daycare family believes that all of our youth can unquestionably grow to become good and productive citizens, but it “Takes a Whole Village.”  Together, we can make the difference happen for a child and reinforce his/her connection to our shared citywide village.

The above proposed program services and performance history of the Supertots Educational Center will hopefully merit the awarding of the requested financial assistance from this year’s 2012 Summer Community Development Block Grant.  It is our firm commitment to provide a fostering and exciting learning environment through the submitted schedule of supervised activities for all registered youth.

Again, we offer our appreciation to you for taking the time to review this presentation of promised services to be provided by the Supertots Educational Center during the 2013 summer moths of July and August.

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Reviewing the day's activitie and practicing a profession is a part of Supertotsjcedu curriculum

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Supertots Educational Center is open for service from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We offer extended daycare from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30p.m. for a separate fee. .

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